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So, what exactly is turn-key Promotions? Turn-key is a phrase that originated with developers who build a building or home that was move-in ready (turn-the-key is all you have to do).  With builders it means that you don’t have to sub-out all the parts of the job, the construction company does it all. Turn-key means “ready to use”. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines turnkey as “one who has the prison keys”. How true! Wouldn’t you like to be freed from the prison of details!


Turn-key service is what was needed when I was on the other side of the fence as an Executive, building brands and found it just wasn’t there. In advertising and media promotions realm Turn-key means our clients don’t have to:


  • Purchase the website’s URL/domain names.
  • Worry about bandwidth on your hosting account.
  • Spend hours or weeks trying to work on scripting copy
  • Creating storyboards for commercials
  • Film production
  • Post production
  • Licensing negotiations
  • POP signage
  • Contest rules
  • Legal
  • Media negotiations/purchasing
  • Retail communications/ executions
  • External/internal contests
  • Campaign post recaps
  • Contest fulfillment
  • Delivery reporting and more












M3 Media will do it ALL for you.… heck you don’t even need to know what that all means, because… we do it ALL for you.


The value-add to turn-key service is time, sanity, and actual dollar savings. You save your time researching and figuring out what vendors or personnel can handle each executable item and moving part. You don’t need to find out whether the Around Town magazine or the Cherokee Tribune are a better value with bigger reach. You don’t have to go to the sign company, printer, embroiderer, and billboard company all on Tuesday. All you need to do is call a full-service company, and say “Here, can you handle this”.


We’ve heard horror stories from clients who have decided it was cheaper to handle their own printing, or maybe they have a friend, or they are just the type of person who needs that feeling of control. When they got down to it, they try to save on edits by bringing in their I.T. guy, they try to save on outsourcing, they try to save on small nitpicking items that in the end all add up to a big cost. Let your designer handle it! Let the designer work with the printer on the details that complete the job because they speak the same language, they can work together faster and totally invisibly to you – the client.


Many industries utilize turn-key service that you may not even be aware of. Why do you go to a restaurant and order dinner? Just so you don’t have to stop at the store, prep the food, cook the meal, serve, clean up and wash dishes… that’s turn-key service. You’re probably using some type of time saving, turn-key service more than you think. The reason? It saves you time, money and headaches.


It’s the value-adds and leveraging all the items necessary to make it “Turn-Key” that gets us here at M3 Media excited to wake up and deliver.


Now, imagine having the same $500,000 or more advertising budget and receiving a Turn-key Promotion that included:


  • Research
  • Media planning
  • Purchasing
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Filming commercials
  • Post production
  • POP design
  • Contest rules
  • Legal
  • Contest fulfillment
  • Complete recap of promotion and more… with little and sometimes NO extra costs to you.


That’s right, we handle everything so you can do what makes your company money. It’s the value-add of turn-key service that sets some companies apart from the competition. Turn-key service providers are leveraging partners, resources that allow you to magnify your business growth. Contact your next project and get back to work on the things that make you money!