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M3 Media Digital will put your personalized and customized business ad in the right hands when it matters most.


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M3 Media Digital is a media/technology company that provides sustainable solutions and executes
the most advanced forms of exposure to drive brand exposure and performance.

Multi-Digital Platforms

The “Good Old Days” of relying on a single media platform such as radio, TV, and yellow pages… are over. Today, everything is going digital and the need to coordinate your marketing campaigns across various digital platforms is critical, so you can truly maximize your reach. You never know who is going to respond to what platform when you’re running a campaign.

Proper Data
Proper Targeting

Discovering who your clients are and where their prospective clients spend time is the start to utilizing data properly. M3 Media Digital’s 350 data partners allow us to identify clients they didn’t know existed and drive efficiency of targeting them at the right time and place.


Hyper-local targeting (geo targeting) means: Mobile = LEVERAGE LOCATION.

Location is king in the mobile space as it indicates true intentions and identifies real time opportunity to connect with users in the moments closest to action.

Hyper-local targeting is an important tool in leveraging digital media and uses latitude & longitude coordinates to serve mobile ads to geographically relevant users. We place your ad on their doorstep, not just targeting zip codes.


At M3 Media Digital we believe research, proper planning and creative execution are the foundation of great advertising. Each and every client is completely customized and personalized.

Contextual Ads

Having an ad that is in context relevant to your business increases the acceptance and this makes you become THE authority in your specific industry.


When clients show interest and click on your ad, we can follow them later when they are ready to engage in your product or service.


Brand awareness drives people to your website

  • Memberships
  • Lead generation
  • Couponing
Geo Fencings /
Geo targeting

Geo Fencing is a type of location-based advertising that delivers advertising where and when an organization deems it would be most beneficial. Essentially, it creates a “fence” around an area and when customers “enter,” they will receive the ad.


M3 Media Digital Analytics keeps it honest, keeps us all making smart decisions, no need to live in the dark anymore. Every impression, every click, and every ad served, we know exactly where they come from and you should know too. So we can make smart decisions and adjust accordingly. You can count on having the most advanced reporting capabilities available.