About M3 Media Digital

M3 Media Digital will put your personalized and customized business ad in
the right hands when it matters most.

Who is M3 Media?

M3 Media Digital’s is a media technology company serving clients in all 50 states with no global limits. M3’s clientele has been amongst the most cherished and largest worldwide brands in technology/ Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) for over 18 years with 25+ years of experience that can offer the same cutting-edge technology to help improve the local community brands and services.

M3 Media Digital’s systems are able to provide the same technological advantages that the largest global brands have benefited from and can also offer to the smaller “community brands and services without break the bank. Targeting capabilities for each client is a powerful and multi-digital campaign that is HYPER-LOCAL, CUSTOMIZED, PERSONALIZED, fully planned, managed and executed by our highly experienced M3 consultants and highly skilled technicians, we don’t pass that off to another media company, we are the media company.

Location-based mobile marketing is the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry and although technology will continue to change, what’s not likely to change is the fact of having a personal computer in our hands for us to serve them ads at the right place and right time. The Mobile Audience’s mobile network covers the entire world. Our ads are placed in over 600,000 apps, within both Android and iTunes App stores, * No erotic, offensive or ultra- violent publishers.

Sample Apps- New York Times, Huffington Post, Weather Bug, BBC Weather, TextNow, OKCupid, Free Flow, Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Associated Press, Pandora, The Score, Flixster, eHow, NBC Sports, Fox News and many more…