Multi-Digital platforms include

Getting personal means, getting connected.

Your customer’s mobile devices are as personal as it gets—it’s the one thing we don’t leave home without and is with us from the moment our eyes open to when we go to sleep.

What is A Geo Fence?

  It creates a fence around an area, and when customers enter this fence, they pierce the imaginary bubble which allows us to capture the phone IDs where we can now serve them ads through the variety of apps on their mobile phones. Imagine if you could serve a potential customer one of your ads as soon as they are within walking distance of your business. Or imagine serving ads to potential customers as they’re in your competitor’s building. A new ad targeting technology called Geo-fencing can serve your ads to customers who are within meters of your business.

Benefits of Geo Fencing

Here are just a few of the benefits that it can bring your company: Customizable – like nearly any type of online advertising campaign, a geo-fencing program can be designed to work with the needs of nearly any organisation. Whether your “geo-fence” area is large or small you can reach only those people who will be most likely to become customers. Targeted Advertising – you won’t waste marketing dollars advertising to people who are unlikely to become customers. Geo-fencing closes the gap between in store marketing and your broad range advertising campaigns. Affordable – M3 Media Digital has the ability to aggregate various clients and create the ability to fracture out campaigns, creative executions and targeting which allows us to reduce the costs dramatically and provide a cost-efficient campaign to even the local businesses without breaking the bank. VIEWABILITY View ability is an online media metric aiming to track only those impressions that users can see.

  • Brand awareness drives people to your website
  • Memberships
  • Lead generation
  • Couponing

Analytics – Location data helps marketers better understand what customers are doing (and who they really are) in the real world. Campaign insights help drive better optimization and performance, while non-campaign specific data can also paint a picture of how consumers interact with a brand in their day-to-day lives. M3 Media Digital’s location analytics help brands understand who their customers are, where they live, and what businesses they visit, allowing marketers to build more meaningful interactions with their customers. Real time optimization and a multitude of tracking analysis provides the intelligence we need to always make good decisions.

M3 Media Digital’s Team and Leadership

M3 Media Digital has never lost our entrepreneurial spirit. We can run at a different speed and deliver a much more personal touch to each client and campaign. Owners and directors are daily operators and main point of contacts that don’t pass off parts of the projects to inexperienced or unknowledgeable members. These practical and efficient policies allow us to react quickly and wisely while providing bandwidth and expertise to drive performance. M3 Media Digital are “exposure specialists.” M3 believes in delivering multi-faceted advertising experiences and strategies that are highly targeted for each client with the key focus to provide a return for each client. M3 Media Digital’s founder, John Cowan, has served as a Corporate Executive Vice President and as Board of Director. During that time he built and led a team that and in less than three years, was responsible for taking a “no-name” brand with zero revenue and an extremely limited budget to a brand that achieved the highest honored position as #1 SKU (product) in Wal-Mart in 2004. Acer/Gateway handled the US strategy and execution of launching of many products including the acer Netbook (43% market share), Timeline series and Iconia, to name just a few. Media Digital Team

M3 Media Digital’s team are exposure specialists. M3 Media Digital continually brings passion for delivering proper advertising and quality media promotions to each client as well as a philosophy centered on maximizing and leveraging a brand’s exposure, which are vital to a brand’s success. M3 Media Digital firmly believes that when it comes to the client’s money, there is no lip-service; it is to be treated as if it were our own. Every penny is accounted for and expected to grow many times over. Winning for the client is like breathing, it’s not optional – it’s everything!