GEO fencings / geo targeting

Geo- targeting

You can reach the right people at the right time by reaching them where thy frequently go. Staying in front of them gets them to think of your business opposed to your competitors.

For businesses that are using other forms of advertising,  it will directly improve performance of TV, direct mail, online, billboards and many other media
extending their reach, improving their frequency, and providing attribution.


Geo marketing

Reaching people where it matters and having your ads in the over 800,00 APPs areas of their interests (Not your). Where it matters geographically down to an address and where it matters to them personally in an APP that they enjoy! There is an APP for everything these days and having your ad in an APP where they want is ideal for your brand or service.


Conversion zone tracking

This is a conversion zone. When someone enters the conversion zone after viewing or clicking on an ad after entering one of the three geofenced locations, this will be counted as a view through conversion or a click visit. We can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.


Note- This is for select clients- talk to your consultant