Automatically Convert Your Traffic into Leads

Maximize Return on Ad Spend

Increase the ROI on ALL your advertising campaigns by following up with email and direct mail when you pay for clicks that don’t convert. You can trigger direct mail, email, social media and display campaigns and follow up manually.

Generate more revenue from your content marketing efforts by converting organic traffic into leads you can contact by email, direct mail, and more.

LeadFedr uses probabilistic and deterministic methods to tell you the names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and company names of your website visitors.


Automatically Convert Your Traffic into Leads

Reduce friction and generate more leads by automatically capturing the names, email addresses, and mailing addresses of up to 40% of your anonymous website traffic.

Forms don’t work today, and popups are annoying-Focus on providing value instead of annoying your visitors.


Learn More About Your Audience

Improve your personalization efforts by enriching your records with demographic data on your website visitors and customers. Segment customers by marital status, presence of children, automotive data, and more.


COMING SOON!- Complete the Turn-key program to retarget the leads

Keep your focus on what you do best by participating in the Platinum Plus Program and allow us to implement follow up remarketing efforts such as email, Social, display, and direct mail.


LeadFedr has integrations with numerous data providers to identify visitors in real-time as they visit your web site, leveraging the placement of a pixel on your site. There are multiple steps in anonymous visitor identification, but it begins with deterministic data providers (cookie-based identification) and also includes probabilistic data providers (IP and fingerprint technologies).
Based on identification signals of anonymous web site visitors, this site visit data is then converted to the lead you receive.

For B2C campaigns, you can set up your campaign to always receive the name, mailing address and email address of identified web site visitors, or you can prioritize email or name and mailing address. For B2B campaigns you’ll receive the name, company, personal LinkedIn URL, and email for your visitors.

Yes. Name and address data is verified using 3rd party services to confirm that the address is deliverable and the individual lives at that address. Where the email address is available, the email address is also verified as deliverable.

The captured data may be used on an unlimited basis to market to identified web site visitors across multiple marketing channels, including display, social, direct mail and email.  This can be done using your own marketing platform or using our integrated cross-channel remarketing platform.

Yes. In the US, the CAN SPAM Act allows email to be sent to any user, regardless of whether they opted in with you to receive it, so long as specific rules are followed, including providing a mechanism in the emails sent for the user to opt out from future email.

Since the service only operates in the US, international privacy laws such as GDPR and CASL do not apply.  From a US perspective, states are beginning to enact state-level privacy laws, such as California’s CCPA. To date, these restrictions have been centered around notification of data collection and usage and the ability for users to opt out and/or purge data collected.  Because no PII is being passed, use of the service does not require any additional steps to be taken outside of the ones that you likely already have in place to comply with these laws.