M3 Media Digital’s Team and Leadership

M3 Media Digital has never lost our entrepreneurial spirit. We can run at a different speed and deliver a much more personal touch to each client and campaign. Owners and directors are daily operators and main point of contacts that don’t pass off parts of the projects to inexperienced or unknowledgeable members. These practical and efficient policies allow us to react quickly and wisely while providing bandwidth and expertise to drive performance. M3 Media Digital are “exposure specialists.” M3 believes in delivering multi-faceted advertising experiences and strategies that are highly targeted for each client with the key focus to provide a return for each client.


M3 Media Digital’s founder, John Cowan, has served as a Corporate Executive Vice President and as Board of Director. During that time he built and led a team that and in less than three years, was responsible for taking a “no-name” brand with zero revenue and an extremely limited budget to a brand that achieved the highest honored position as #1 SKU (product) in Wal-Mart in 2004.


Acer/Gateway handled the US strategy and execution of launching of many products including the acer Netbook (43% market share), Timeline series and Iconia, to name just a few.


Media Digital Team

M3 Media Digital’s team are exposure specialists.

M3 Media Digital continually brings passion for delivering proper advertising and quality media promotions to each client as well as a philosophy centered on maximizing and leveraging a brand’s exposure, which are vital to a brand’s success. M3 Media Digital firmly believes that when it comes to the client’s money, there is no lip-service; it is to be treated as if it were our own. Every penny is accounted for and expected to grow many times over.


Winning for the client is like breathing, it’s not optional – it’s everything!